Media Solutions

Deploying Cloud-Efficient Video Delivery Infrastructure for Cable Operators, Broadcasters, OTT vendors and Digital PayTV Providers

The majority of video content delivery has gone all IP and depending on the business model, is being run across either private or public cloud infrastructure, or both. As a result, operators find it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves from competitors, and modify or upgrade their deployed systems as business models and video standards change.

In response, we have developed hardware that is powerful, easily reconfigurable, power-efficient and supplies all the necessary throughput, reliability and density to maximize an operator’s revenue per HD and even UHD video stream.

High Performance Intel-based Video Processing

Our solutions offer Intel Xeon E3 processors with built-in graphic processor units as a means to offload the CPU from various high computational video transcoding workloads. A crucial component is its Intel Media Server Studio SDK which enables developers to “hook” their application to the GPU and do further customizations to determine how they want to configure speeds versus latency, compression efficiency and power consumption.

Cloud Scale Video Delivery in a Single Platform

We’ve applied the Intel GPU strategy into the SYMKLOUD Series of converged infrastructure platforms, which re-packages into a single, yet highly scalable 2U enclosure, supporting up to 18 Intel Xeon E3 processors, which feature a more robust graphics processor unit (Iris™ Pro Graphics P580) and Quick Sync Video enhanced for real-time HEVC transcoding.

The overall benefits are numerous, including: up to 250 or more AVC – HEVC 1080p30 video streams per 2U; up to 18 HEVC 4K60p video streams per 2U; up to 18 CPUs that are open to run other concurrent functions; a 90% rack footprint reduction; field-replaceable and/or re-configurable modular servers and switches; reduced OPEX from greater power efficiencies; and, High Availability hardware designs backed by long-life support.

What We Can Do for Content Service Providers

Depending on your business model and requirements, we are just as flexible to offer OEM solutions as it we are to work with multiple encoding/transcoding or OTT software developers to build a “recommended solution” for their operator customers around the world.