Datacenter Solutions

Simplified Automation for Private/Public Cloud deployment in Hours, Not Days

The debate over private versus public versus hybrid cloud continues to rage on. It’s all about which model can be most cost-effective for whatever enterprise applications need managing.

We believe in helping our clients reduce the barriers of entry to achieve a more scalable, cost-effective and open approach to provisioning cloud infrastructure, by offering solutions that are customized to fit your business needs.

OpenStack Lives at Kontron

Our approach is to provide a solution for both public and private cloud environments using OpenStack integrated with the appropriate hardware as a means to achieve scalable cost-efficiencies and to avoid vendor lock-in.

With Infrastructure-as-a-Service expected to experience continued growth, it is all the more critical for cloud providers, particularly smaller regional providers, to be better positioned to compete on value-added services rather than price alone.

What We Can Do for Cloud and Hosting Providers

As an OpenStack Foundation sponsor, we work with different distribution vendors to offer clients the best package to suit their network workload needs.

From top of rack 10GE/40GE/100GE 1U bare-metal switches and cost-sensitive servers to storage and high density converged infrastructure platforms, Kontron can help you build your OpenStack installations whether for virtualized or bare-metal compute resources.