Build and scale your cloud with SYMKLOUD Kubernetes Platforms


Just start with one SYMKLOUD Kubernetes Platform to run microservices at the edge or central office. Then add more compute as needed.

With the SYMKLOUD Kubernetes Platform, Kontron has eliminated the integration headaches of Kubernetes and Docker engines to ensure a faster set up of any cloud environment. Moreover, Kontron ensures that its SYMKLOUD Kubernetes Platform replicates the work done by Canonical to make Kubernetes as secure as it is easy to deploy, operate and upgrade.

Kontron also choose to integrate the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes because it is GPU and Nvidia CUDA ready. This means any GPU components can be detected, configured and made easily composable in SYMKLOUD hardware. This opens up numerous opportunities for service providers to generate new revenues from intelligent services derived from edge-related GPU machine learning, AI and transcoding services.

To download the SYMKLOUD Kubernetes datasheet, click here.