Kontron updates OpenStack and Kubernetes SYMKLOUD turnkey platforms

DC architects and CSPs who seek to deploy intelligent open services at the Access, Edge, Core use SYMKLOUD CI/CD solutions to eliminate the burden of hardware and open source integration

Montreal, CANADA, May 21, 2017 – Kontron, a global provider of open source cloud and integrated infrastructure platforms, announced today that its integrated SYMKLOUD open source platforms now support the latest versions of OpenStack (Queens) for VMs and Bare Metal (ironic), and Kubernetes v1.10 (Docker/Containers) – both via its Distribution partnership with Canonical.

OpenStack at the Edge

The Kontron “Powered by OpenStack” SYMKLOUD Platform now supports all the enhancements of the Foundation’s recent Queens release. Of particular importance to Kontron is the support for edge computing, driven by the newly formed OSF Edge Computing group.

The work done in this project represents a significant milestone for data center and communication service providers (CSPs) who seek to leverage GPUs and containers as a means to deliver new intelligent services closer to end-customers or applications. These services could be based on NFV, multi-access edge computing (MEC), AI and machine learning use cases.

Kubernetes containers at the Edge

The SYMKLOUD Kubernetes Platform – launched earlier this year – now supports Kubernetes v1.10 deployed in a Bare Metal configuration on the SYMKLOUD 10GbE MS2910 and the 100GbE MS2920 Converged Platforms. Docker compute workers have been validated to work on additional MS2920 modular server nodes, including:  MSP8060, MSP8050 and MSP8040 Series. Depending on the application use case, this high-density Kubernetes solution can support up to 254 container pods per controller compared to 100 pods in standard configurations.

To demonstrate the practicality of containers at the edge to run intelligent services Kontron recently showcased both a Tensorflow video image recognition use case and a Crypto-mining auto-scaling service use case. The results showed how CSPs can save bandwidth costs and increase revenues by maximizing infrastructure. Read the in-depth technical blogs here and here.

OpenStack and Kubernetes – together

While Kontron offers both as entirely separate platform solutions, they are in fact excellent starting points for further development. For instance, Queens offers an expanded set of tools for cloud developers to support containers with OpenStack, including Zun, Magnum, Kuryr, Kolla, LOCI, OpenStack-Helm and Kata Containers.

In brief, Zun supports the life-cycle management of different container technologies using an API. Container orchestration systems (e.g.: Kubernetes) can operate as an OpenStack resource using Magnum. The Kolla project can containerize OpenStack services, while LOCI (Lightweight Open Container Initiative) enables packaging of smaller container images so that management is managed externally.

Then there is the new OpenStack-Helm project that incorporates the popular Helm Kubernetes package manager project to help orchestrate different OpenStack services up into a Kubernetes cluster. While not new, the Kuryr networking effort is another interesting container project. Kuryr has been enhanced to connect with CNI so that Neutron can be configured to securely provide a pod level rather a container level of control. Lastly, Kata Containers are intended – when linked to Kuyr – to further insulate and secure these container pods.

Attaching virtual machines to GPUs

This new spotlight feature in Queens delivers on supporting the hyper activity behind machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads that depend on virtual graphic processing units (vGPUs). It is now as simple as booting up vGPUs as VMs and start working quickly compared to more cumbersome bare metal installations.

Cyborg – making composable accelerators an orchestrated reality for Telco NFV use cases

Queens tackles another new necessity on the market for the benefit of CSPs who seek to deploy services using network functions virtualization (NFV). Whether used in standalone or via Ironic bare metal, Cyborg enables the management of hardware and software resources such as GPU, FPGA, CryptoCards and DPDK/SPDK and assigns them to a particular instance.

Why Cyborg matters for SYMKLOUD hardware

This project is significant for how CSPs can efficiently maximize SYMKLOUD hardware in edge cloud environments. The MS2900 Series of converged platforms – which is also used for the integrated OpenStack and Kubernetes platforms – also offers multiple compute options that can mix-n-match composable hardware acceleration technologies within the same 2U enclosure With up to nine (9) modular server nodes, each with a IA processor and one HHHL PCIe slot, one 2U platform could feature any mix of up to nine nVidia GPU cards, fast storage, FPGA, smart NICs, SDI video, security modules, depending on the use case.

This opens up the door for CSPs to run cloud-based services close to or at the network’s edge – this applies to a full range of use cases from Machine Learning to wireless C-RAN and from multi-access edge computing (MEC) to immersive video AR/VR.

A similar scenario can be reproduced with the new SYMKLOUD ME1100 platform that supports vRAN and MEC virtualized services at the edge or cell tower deployments.

“Open infrastructure users are embracing a combination of containers, VMs and bare metal to support a diversity of use cases and workloads,” said Ildikó Váncsa, Ecosystem Technical Lead at the OpenStack Foundation. “Kontron’s support for the latest OpenStack version, Queens, offers their customers an integrated platform for all three. It is awesome to see a strong community supporter delivering the latest and greatest open infrastructure capabilities to their users.”

“The world is fast becoming a containerized world,” said Éric Sarault, Product Manager – software and services, at Kontron. “However, containers and OpenStack are a great fit. At the end of the day the two provide a ton of options for building open infrastructure that shares networking, storage and seamlessly scales. This is where Kontron offers value by making it extremely easy to procure and deploy integrated open source solutions.”

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SYMKLOUD OpenStack Platform

Queens – Canonical Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:             Available Q2;18

Queens – Canonical Ubuntu 18.04 LTS:             Available Q4:18

SYMKLOUD Kubernetes Platform

Kubernetes v1.10 – Canonical Distribution:         Available Immediately

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