The private versus public versus hybrid cloud debate continues to rage on. It’s all about which model can be most cost-effective for whatever enterprise applications need managing. Some have crunched the numbers – read more from analyst firm 451 Research1 – and have determined that private clouds cost less than public but only if at a large enough scale.

The rule of thumb was if labor efficiency was less than 400 VMs per engineer then a proprietary private cloud solution was ideal. If larger, then the open source cloud OS, OpenStack, becomes a more viable financial option. However, regardless of buying path, pricing is not the only factor to weigh and need to consider other risks such as salaries, proper staffing and the consequence of vendor lock-in.

Conversely, it’s hard to argue with the advantages of public cloud which are simple: enterprises are not required to worry about investing in infrastructure and whether to many or too little resources are provisioned to get whatever workloads completed.

OpenStack Lives At Kontron

The approach by Kontron is to provide a solution for both worlds using OpenStack integrated with the appropriate hardware as a means to achieve scalable cost-efficiencies and to avoid vendor lock-in, regardless of whether for public or private cloud environments.

With Infrastructure-as-a-Service expected to experience continued growth, it is all the more critical for cloud providers, particularly smaller regional providers, to be better positioned to compete on value-added services rather than price alone.

OpenStack and Symkloud


As a Foundation Sponsor, Kontron works with different OpenStack distribution vendors to offer clients the best package to suit their network workload needs. Kontron can help reduce the barriers of entry to achieve a more scalable, cost-effective and an open approach to provisioning your cloud infrastructure.

From top of rack 10GE/40GE/100GE 1U bare-metal switches and cost-sensitive servers to storage and high density “converged infrastructure platforms”, Kontron can help you build your OpenStack installations whether for virtualized or bare-metal compute resources.